Company's policy

«VIP Aviation Services Company» LLC policy for the service quality, occupational health and safety is oriented to the aviation safety when while providing the ground handling services, high-quality service, safe and healthy working environment, gradual reduction and elimination of industrial accidents and occupational diseases by planning and implementing measures of the Management Integrated System based on ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 international standards. 

In its activities «VIP Aviation Services Company» LLC applies the following principles:

• to ensure the flight safety, occupational safety, quality and environmental safety;

• compliance of the Integrated Management System with the International Standards ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISAGO, ICAO and IATA requirements to provide safe and qualitative ground handling services;

• to ensure requirements of legislation and international agreements regulating the company’s activities in the field of the quality control, occupational health and safety, high-quality execution of liabilities in due time in compliance with standard agreements (SGHA and SLA) made with airlines, as well as liabilities in compliance with agreements made with other corporate customers;

• priority on safety issues, development of safety culture, providing safety and minimizing the hazards in way of risk management;

• to insure the flight safety based on the prevention of accidents and incidents using risk management system;

• providing with workplaces, equipment, their maintenance and also applying of working methods that are not posing threat for health and safety, the way it is justified and practically realizable;

• staff health and life protection owing to periodic safety reviews and reduction of operational risks, as well as implementation of new tecnologies and application of modern equipment for the collective and personal protection;

• on safety purpose to determine responsibility and duty of all staff on safety issues;

• on purpose of safety assurance and elimination or minimization of operational hazardous actors, apply and upgrade risks regulations system to determine all members of dangerous and hazardous factors including information provision system;

• to improve performance indicators in the area of quality, occupational health and safety;

• continued skill improvement and staff professional development, as well as training and consulting delivery for  staff in the field of quality control, occupational health and safety;

• providing professional services through well trained, friendly and motivated staff;

• maintain contact with customers to identify and meet their needs and expectations;

• creating conditions for maximum participation of staff to ensure the provision of qualitative and safe services;

• increase operations efficiency by expanding the level of automation and implementing advanced innovative technologies;

 «VIP Aviation Services Company» LLC management will take all measures required for:

• bringing the «VIP Aviation Services Company» Policy to the attention of each company employee, all parties concerned and the public;

• providing essential resourses required to fulfill the above tasks;

• implementation of the Policy of quality, health and safety;

• funding, ensure compliance and continual improvement the effectiveness of the IMS;

• involvment of all to the processes of IMS;

• monitoring of operational processes and performing Management review;

• the organization’s quality, occupational health and safety policy is appropriate to the nature and scale of the organization's quality, occupational health and safety risks;

• providing the framework for setting and reviewing quality, occupational health and safety objectives;

• the organization’s quality, occupational health and safety policy is documented, implemented and maintained;

• informing all persons working under the control of the organization with their individual quality, occupational health and safety obligations;

• the organization’s quality, occupational health and safety policy is available to interested parties;

• the organization’s quality, occupational health and safety policy is reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate to the organization.